Bufones de Pria

Bufones de Pria are responsible for this unique show.

At the edge of the sea cliffs llaniscos not only bat with full force, but comes in the form of jets, in spurts, like small geysers, slipping through the cracks and chimneys forming limestone. What we observe our astonished eyes are the Bufones de Pria.

The air compressed by the sea, ascends marine abysses that connect with the surface cracks. When the sea is calm only a deep sound is heard, as if it roared into the rock. At high tide, low tide conditions, when the sea shows its strength, a strong roar that makes the ground vibrate listening. A show that amazes and shudders at the time.

The coast is, in this area, breathtakingly beautiful. It framed by beautiful and wild beaches and immense mountains, full of places to visit, the landscape surrounding the Bufones de Pria is the perfect place to enjoy a few days off in the Asturian coast.

La Hacienda de Don Juan

C/ La Concepción 5
33500 Llanes