Llanes Town

In the urban core Playa del Sablon, a charming, clean protected cove, above which runs a long walk along the cliff is cut.

The unforgettable Paseo de San Pedro approaches the kilometer of travel.

In the alleys of the old town, proliferates the business of the town, resulting in a whimsical circuit loaded with motives and cobblestones in which architecture enroll as, fair and respectful proportions with a spoiled urbanism.

We arrived at the estuary, minimum and singular, entering with their boats and nets in the heart of the llanisca society. From here to the open sea we expect a seaworthy ride hearth and water grind.

The modern port is protected by an iron jetty with the bold colors of the Cubes of Memory Ibarrola Basque painter that used to rescue the breakwater of his gray existence and turn them into canvas. The work reflects a three-dimensional content that cause three possible readings: Memory of Art, embodied in prehistoric records that dot here and there, in the midst of an avant-garde work that integrates and endorses; The memory of the artist, reflected in the overall finish of the same work, as synthesis of a career concerned about the shape and color; The memory of the territory refers to the cultural and landscape memory that has been cited. Rural and urban, the adventure of the Americas, the sea itself, its gulls, the fishing village, the mountain ...

La Hacienda de Don Juan

C/ La Concepción 5
33500 Llanes