The Cenador

El Cenador


Doña Emilia lounge

Doña Emilia Amieva, Don Juan's wife, lends her name to this versatile lounge accommodating up to 200 people. It is ideal for weddings, business meetings, banquets, etc. Its access and toilets, separated from the rest of facilities provides it with necessary privacy for such events.

Café Auseva

At early 20th, the Auseva confectionery was established in Llanes. With the time it becomes an emblematic meeting point. There was sought and found the best and famous ice cream "Peña Santa". The disappearance of local, it was looked for a space in La Hacienda to recover some of that history, including the famous ice-cream.

The arbour

Restaurant service is located in an annex glazed space that can be accessed from hotel itself or from outside. A menu prepared to the enjoyment of the palate and the sight, an invitation to the leisurely tasting of food, to confirm that rite of sharing food is an assurance of understanding.